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  Legal Aliens  
  Legal Aliens is a fast growing, fun loving group of people who get together for social events in Den Haag, Rotterdam, Delft, Amsterdam and even darkest Leiden. We don't all look like Wednesdays at The Wapenthe aliens in the picture to the right. Only some of us :-)

We welcome people of all ages from all walks of life, both expats and local Dutch people too. Genuine aliens from far flung planets are especially welcome and are made to feel especially at home with Leffe Blonde and Martian Mallows at regular drinks nights. The group was formed in February of 2007 and has grown rapidly since that date. We have grown to more than 1500 members on Yahoo and Facebook and who knows where we will end up!

We have two rules...

  1. You WILL have fun !
  2. Respect for other members

We organise many pub nights and dinners, cultural events and even trips abroad for the more adventurous.

Legal Aliens is a free to join, free to participate group and will always stay that way.

Click here to join the Legal Aliens... and hold on for the ride of your life !

  Click on the image below if you want to provide feedback to the organisers about your LA experience. All feedback, positive or negative is welcome and can be sent anonymously if you wish.  
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